Zoey Bird & Mattie

"I started having lessons with Marcia eighteen months ago, in that time she has helped me to completely transform my ex-racehorse and develop my riding position and technique. When I first met Marcia I hadn't had a lesson for ten years and my ex-racehorse had been off two years with an injury, so she was facing quite a challenge! 'Mattie' had very little strength and balance, he couldn't even canter round the school without becoming disunited and nearly falling over and my seat was completely lopsided from injury. My ambition was to turn Mattie into an all-rounder capable of competing at the weekends, with me riding. I knew he had the attitude and the confirmation but he hadn't been schooled and therefore we needed to start from scratch. In our early lessons, Marcia took us back to basics and bit by bit Mattie became supple and balanced and my seat started to become deeper and more even. It wasn't long before were learning basic dressage moves. Fortunately, Marcia is an excellent communicator and explains all aids/techniques thoroughly. If I don't understand she gets on Mattie and shows me, bit by bit, breaking it down. Once we were stronger and more polished Marcia suggested we take part in a local 'walk and trot' competition. We came 2nd out of 32 with a score of 69 per cent. I was thrilled and this of course wet my appetite for more. ".
Zoey & Mattie Competing above
"Since that dressage competition, just under a year ago we have stepped up training to a point where Marcia rides Mattie once a fortnight and I have a lesson once a week. The results speak for themselves; we have either won and been champion or come 2nd in every local ex-racehorse or ridden show horse class we have competed in, whether it be in a Snaffle, Pelham, or Double bridle. This success led me to enter the Rehabilitation of Racehorses Series. Due to the bad weather and shows being cancelled we were forced to aim high for our first class at Royal Windsor Horse Show. Mattie, (Murat is his registered name) went beautifully for the judge and we came 6th from 26. Needless to say we were all thrilled, as the top names in showing filled the first four spots. Our aim now is to get Mattie qualified for the final at Hickstead, in the meantime we have been doing x-country and show jumping in readiness for the Retrained Racehorse Challenge Classes next year. Mattie is now a pleasure to ride and I feel we can turn our hand to anything; dressage, showing, show jumping and x-country and be competitive. I couldn't have done it without Marcia, her lessons are enjoyable and she gets results. Mattie and I are proof of that! ".

Liz Smith

"I have a talented but green 6 year old PRE gelding called Matrix with a very active mind and we have been training with Marcia for around 10 months now. Since we began working with her the difference in my horse is absolutely amazing. Marcia has taken him back to re-establish the basics, incorporating lunging, as well as in-hand and of course ridden work".
Liz & Matrix Training above
"This planned but varied approach has meant that she has been able to work with Matrix's mind as well as his body to begin to achieve some great results. Marcia's belief is that all horses should learn to work correctly in order to build the right muscle and thus maintain their mobility and health throughout their life. (Her approach and results have been confirmed by my Equine Osteopath, Claire Short of The Ashgrove Clinic). Marcia has a great wealth of knowledge and a wonderful way of explaining things regardless of the level at which she is teaching. Her patience and ability to instil confidence is wonderful and whatever a horse may throw at her she never seems phased by it! She has given me techniques and skills that have improved my riding considerably. Whilst I know that the journey for myself and Matrix is a long one, its been made much more enjoyable and achievable through Marcia's help".

Meadowbrook Stables

"I have been training with Marcia since 2007 with 5 different horses up to Advanced level. She has helped me immensely with in-hand, ridden, competition and Working Equitation training. Lessons are always fun and we have always achieved what we set out to do. Marcia is very approachable with a great sense of humour, a fantastic horse trainer and adapts the training for each individual horse to achieve positive results for their level. Marcia is very confident and positive which makes every lesson positive. Marcia gave me moral support in our visit to Portugal at the beginning of 2008 to buy my dream horse, Atinada, a Lusitano mare, which I'm looking forward to furthering her education with Marcia's help. I can truly recommend Marcia highly as a Horse and Rider Trainer for all levels and am grateful for all the help she has given me and I look forward to this continuing".

Martina Glover and Marmite

"What I love about Marcia is her whole approach to getting the very best out of both you and your horse. Her training methods adopt the Classical Dressage approach more commonly seen in Portugal and Spain. But what amazed me was that these traditional methods worked just as well on my welsh cob mare. I had owned Marmite for about 7 years before I met Marcia yet within 6 months Marcia had transformed Marmite into a willing, talented mare with a soft outline, lovely paces and a huge desire to impress. My plan is to compete at Working Equitation next season. Marcia gives you a belief in your abilities and a desire to achieve much more than you ever thought possible. I started riding as an adult about 12 years ago, and never dreamed I would be out there competing".
Martina & Fidias competing above
"Thanks to Marcia I now also own a Spanish PRE, Fidias, and we are out competing BD dressage and BD music freestyle, aiming to enter Medium classes in the winter. And onwards and upwards from there! Marcia will ask you and your horse to work hard, but both my horses are now as passionate about riding as I am! And if you are willing to put in the hard work, then ultimately what you get in return is a partnership with your horse that is both very beautiful and very special".

Michelle Watts & Ruby

"I have owned Ruby for 4 years. She is an ex-racehorse and was a very difficult mare to understand. I used to dread schooling her and never seemed to get anywhere, so we just focused on the jumping and hacking. This was until Marcia came long. Marcia has totally transformed Ruby and me and I can't thank her enough for this. For my first lesson, I asked Marcia to get on Ruby to see what she could do with her, I really didn't know what to expect. Straight away, it was like watching a different horse and this was even within the first few minutes. Marcia read Ruby straight away and understood her likes and dislikes and knew exactly what buttons to press. She just seemed to have that natural understanding and a very soft approach and asking not telling Ruby. Marcia continued to school Ruby for me a few more times and Ruby just got better and better. It was so nice to see Ruby happy in her schooling and actually relaxing and seeing her ears pricked forward. It was then my turn to get on and have a lesson with Marcia and I have continued with these ever since. I love the way Marcia teaches, she has passed down to me exactly what I needed to do with Ruby for her to continue to enjoy her schooling and she always gives me different things to work on. Marcia always explains things to me in an easy to understand way and if I don't get it straight away, she is patient and full of praise and is positive throughout the whole lesson. Marcia has taught me to understand how important it is to have a supple horse and if you have a supple horse, you have a happy horse. Marcia also understands that ultimately my passion is show jumping so she works me towards having Ruby supple and balanced enough for this discipline. Ruby has now completely changed shape and has worked up the correct muscle tone just within a couple of months. I still have a way to go, but with Marcia's help, I am looking forward to the road ahead and I am so thankful that I started to have lessons with Marcia and after 4 years of owning Ruby, I can finally enjoy schooling her. Thank you Marcia, I couldn't have done this without you. "

Lorna Hall & Amado

Marcia has the ability to spot and correct problems others overlook, she has great insight and empathy with the psyche of a horse and works very quietly, at the same time, and perhaps because of this usually has the rapt attention of her subject. She is good at spotting any stiffness that might need manipulation. I am very impressed with what she achieved with my horse.