About Marcia

Marcia's Early Love of Horses

Marcia first started riding when she was 2 and a half years old at Turville Valley Stud famous for its Luistano's, near Henley On-Thames. Marcia's first mount was a pony owned by Turville called Wizzy. Marcia remembers her Mum taking her out on him and walking up the hill with his tack. Typically Marcia being Marcia she always wanted to carry the saddle! As Marcia grew up she continued riding and having lessons at Turville. Eventually Marcia graduated to helping out at weekends to earn lessons and started to help work on some of the shows. Aged 12, Marcia was at Turville most evenings after school and had the opportunity to break in a pony, giving her a love of training which has remained with her all her life.

At the age of 14 Marcia left Turville and spent a few seasons hunting and working with Polo which she enjoyed thoroughly and where she learnt a great deal. However Lusitano's have always been in Marcia's blood though from the early days at Turville. One day after watching these stunning horses pass by her window on a hack Marcia knew she wanted to work with them further. So aged 18 Marcia went back to Turville and spoke to Angela Fois who agreed to take Marcia on and so her career began in earnest. After only 3 months Marcia had her first ride in the Display Team and took part in her first competition at the Herts County Show. Marcia was placed 2nd behind Diane Thurman-Baker in all classes and made Reserve Champion. Marcia was at Turville for over 10 years full time training and breaking horses with Diane, competing, riding in the Display team and learning the art of Classical Riding.

In 2005 Marcia made the decision to go freelance. With the help of Peter and Eileen Brooks, Marcia's business took off fantastically well and Marcia was training and competing Peter & Eileen's horses with huge success. With that success Marcia's client base started to grow and Marcia was teaching and competing on a regular basis. Marcia also spent time in Portugal training and has competed at Golega National Horse Fair twice and also the International Lusitano Festival in Cascais with great success.

Marcia now spends most of her time in the UK competing clients horses in showing and British Dressage, being highly placed in all of the classes entered. Marcia did compete her own loan horse Tostao, and was placed on their first BD outing at Advanced. Marcia was also a member of the Great British Working Equitation Team in 2008 & 2009. And in 2009  the team  notched up a stunning Bronze medal place at the European Championships in Portugal, the highest team finish to date. 

Then in 2012 Marcia became pregnant and gave birth to Sasha in Feb 2013 & Jaxon in Feb 2014  Which mean't Marcia still managed to compete through the show season which was so well timed.
Marcia is now back to normal where she has been training and competing Jelle a Friesian gelding in 2015 where they had great success in the Show ring where they Won every class they went into, So in 2016 they decided to concentrate on British Dressage Competing in Elementary & Medium level again with good success and managing to qualify for the Regional Championships at Bury Farm where they came 6th. Also Marcia and Jelle managed to have a couple of trainging sessions with Rebecca Hughes which they loved and looking forward to training with her more in 2017.
In March 2016 Lynn one of Marcia's clients moved to Cyprus with her ponies and Horses and now gets Marcia to fly out and teach her every two months, Then also in 2016 one of Marcia's other client Annabel moved back out to Cyprus and now has her horse back in Cyprus too, So Marcia will be busy in Cyprus through 2017 with her client base growing every trip.
So Now Marcia Is Looking To A Great 2017 Competing A Selection of Lovely Horses.

Classical Riding 

Classical Riding has been developed over thousands of years, the basic principles being that everything is achieved in partnership and harmony with the horse without fear or force. It is about establishing open lines of communication and trust, learning how to truly listen to your horse and understanding how the slightest movement of body and breath can be refined to the most subtle of aids. It is an art form where the responsibility lies with you the rider to take the time every day to understand your horses and how you can work with him to help him achieve his most natural and easiest way of going. Allowing him or her to be free and happy in their movements and in the best physical health. Classical riding is foremost concerned with the development of a classical seat and a well balanced and flexible horse. You the ride must learn how to achieve a feeling seat. Seat and contact relates to the feel of the hosres and how you body works with the horse. Your seat refers to the seat bones, abdominal and back muscles, pubic arch, thighs, shoulders, legs and contact or feel through the whole system with light hands. Abdominal muscles are key and it is usually recommended that you embark upon fitness of your own core strength through exercises such as Pilates, Alexander Technique, Yoga and Feldenkras. Classical riders develop wonderfully light, responsive horses because they ride from their "centre". The horse is ridden from the seat first, then the legs and into the hands. "The hands receive what the leg puts into them - no more, no less" - Dr Thomas Ritter. The emphasis is placed on you, the rider, to learn about your own body and how even slight variations in the way you hold yourself affect the way the horse moves beneath you. It is the most rewarding way to ride akin to learning a martial art in tandem with dancing with a vibrant powerful animal. It is an art where you will never stop learning about your horse and yourself and where you will be truly rewarded every single day.