Welcome To My New Website
Welcome to my New updated website.
The last few years have been a bit quiet due to being pregnant and having two children, one in Feb 2013 & then one in Feb 2014,  Although i did keep working I just cut back a little I still managed to teach and train Horses In Hand.
So now I'm back to normal Teaching ,Training Horses & Competing. 
My  aims are to help you to perfect your horses way of going by using classical principles.
I use exercises to help your horse become more supple and develope strength to be able to work over their back and use their whole body correctly.
I will help you  to perfect your position and show you how to use your seat more correctly , So your aids become more effective by using your seat and legs So your hands do less!!
I also train In Hand work, which is teaching your horse latural work ( shoulder in , travers, halfpass etc )  from the ground which is great for getting your horse more supple and great if your unable to ride them and I also teach Working Equitation the European sport that involves a Dressage test,Obstical course and Cow Cutting.
I'm also happy to train your horse for you and compete them, I may occasionally have space to take horses in for training if we have space at the Livery yard that I'm currently based at with my horses. 
I only teach people with their own horses and will teach novice to advance riders
I'm Based in Swindon Wiltshire and currently travel to Denham, Chalfont & Marlow in Buckinghamshire and Kimpton in Hertfordshire.
I will also travel to do clinics as long as there is enough people for the distance.
Training With Marcia
Marcia works very closely with both you and your horse schooling each of you in feel and developing contact and rhythm. Marcia seeks to help you to understand each other and will help to translate what she sees in the whole relationship not just instruct you how to ride classically. Using the classical principles Marcia will help you to develop a toolkit of techniques. Key to this foundation will correct muscle development and carriage so that your horse is able to progress comfortably in his training with the right amount of flexibility and gymnasticism. Flexibility, rhythm and suppleness are key to Marcia's approach and you will be introduced in how to develop and build these key components in your regular riding.

Marcia's training is not just around correctness but producing for happy and well balanced horses who whether they compete or not are completely produced. Marcia's ethos is achieving harmony and lightness with rider and horse based on the classical principles which applies not only to how we ride but how we approach our horses in all that we do. Lessons include long reining and lunging (if your horse is safe enough), schooling in-hand, and ridden lesson where Marcia will instruct you both and also ride to feel how your horse is developing over time. Marcia's lessons are  based on the classical principles and takes all levels from Novice to Advanced. In-hand work can be taken from lateral work to shoulder in, leg-yield, Spanish walk and Piaffe etc..

Marcia & Scorpio after a training session with Bento Castelhano

Debbie having a Lunge Lesson to help perfect her seat

Marcia working on Tostao's Piaffe

Rudi doing Halfpass In Hand with his owner Jane